Just Being

It was a sunny day much like today. We decided to go to a park, lay out a blanket and just be for a couple of hours. Of course I had my camera.

park 1 park 2 park 3

Missing my family!

6 thoughts on “Just Being

  1. This may seem strange but it has been heavy on my heart to share this beautiful song and video with you. You’ve probably already heard it. I think of Abby and Anna every time I hear it. It’s called Dancing in the Sky. Love you guys!


  2. There’s an old song called “I’ll be seeing you” and I love the lyrics because it describes seeing someone in all the familiar places that your heart embraces, all day through. I know the sunshine, a new puppy, spring rain and all the things you see, you see your precious children. We tried to stop by to say hello today but you were not home. I hope it helps to know that so many of the people who love your family also see your children in sunshine, rainbows and a spring breeze. When something simple reminds me of your girls, I stop and I say a prayer for you to feel comfort from our loving Savior and for you both to feel their spirits very near. We hold you up daily in prayer and have daily reminders in all the familiar places. Love being sent, just around the corner.


  3. I wish I could take your pain away and bring you back your beautiful girls. I feel so helpless and want to help in anyway I can. So I will continue to pray for you and Tom……Always!


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