Polka Dots and Pinwheels

I was in Anna’s room and noticed these two out by the tree. They were trying to be sneaky.

Tami and grace tree

With Grace and Tami’s flower pinwheels, a few more laminated polka dots and 3 baby squirrels cozy in their colorful nest I think the tree is ready for Spring.

What do you think?

new tree

linus tree

14 thoughts on “Polka Dots and Pinwheels

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  2. Susan, you know I go past your house several times a day, and I always look at the tree. Every single day, it makes me think of your girls, so bright and full of joy. I love what you’ve done there.


  3. I love the bright dots on the tree. I can’t imagine how much Tami and her daughter misses your girls. Making the tree beautiful is such a nice way for them to show their love for you and your daughters. God bless their hearts.


  4. Love all the final touches! Those have got to be the happiest baby squirrels in the Grove with such a beautiful (not to mention comfy…I can picture their little heads on puffball pillows) home. So much love!


  5. Mason and I enjoyed the new decorations when we were out for a walk this afternoon; and thought again of how much the girls are loved and missed every minute of every day. We also thought about how their mom and dad are still taking such good care of them in every way they can.


  6. Wow! It looks beautiful… It truly represents the girls perfectly… And so so sweet of Tami and Grace. We can’t wait to come out there this summer or fall and add to the tree. It’s amazing!! We love you guys so much


  7. Totally awesome! Tami and Grace are the best!

    Seeing the dots, brought to mind a memory from a few months ago. At church the Young Women leaders gave a presentation to the almost teen and teenage girls which included polka dots and explained what they stood for: Depend On The Savior (something I know you do every second of every day).

    How awesome to have such bright, new cheery ones to brighten your days!

    Cindy 🙂


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