Anna Rhododendron

Almost once a week I get a card in the mail from my friend Barb. Our connection here in Oregon goes back to my home town in Ohio where we both spent a large part of our lives. Her son is friends with my younger brother and, after we had both moved to Oregon, we met at my brother’s wedding. We were instant friends. She has been such a gift to me and her weekly cards bring a smile to my face.

Yesterday morning she dropped off a bag of gifts, so I can pamper myself, a beautiful card and an Anna Rhododendron. She didn’t knock but rather just left them on my porch. She doesn’t live close and I know my house was not on her way to work. This gesture meant the world to me, even though I wish she would have knocked so I could have given her a hug.

I sent her an email thanking her for what she had done and to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day and this is what she wrote back.

“Love you too Susan! Hope your day went ok. You made it through one more day with your girls and God cheering you on.”

As I read this I realized that is exactly how I felt –  one more day with my own private cheering section, one more day closer to when we are together again.

I have a vision of God sitting watching me, nudging my thoughts and tugging on my heart. He sits there with two young girls by his side. He knows me but he allows my girls to tell him about their mom and what she likes, doesn’t like, what makes her happy and what makes her grumpy.

I feel these nudges: Love Rocks, celebrating rather than isolating, decorating a tree and making it a happy place and sharing with people the glory and power of God. I listen because I am at his mercy. He has shown me that He and Heaven are so real and that our lives are to be lived in honor of Him. In believing in Christ, I have a peace that surpasses all understanding and I know that my life here is just a dot on a continuous line.

I miss my girls so much and I cannot wait to be with them again in the presence of God.

I know that one day I will hug them and it will never have to end!

In the meantime, I will listen and I will follow those nudges. I know they won’t always be easy to follow but I know that God is in control and my girls are cheering me on.

Thank you Barb for your beautiful gifts and for your email!

Anna flower

I woke up yesterday with a tremendous about of peace, knowing that a lot of people were keeping me close in prayer. That power that we have when lifting someone up to God is amazing. I will never doubt that prayer can move mountains, because prayers have truly kept me afloat through some of my darkest hours without my girls. I can’t thank enough those who pray, but I can pray for them and I do – fiercely!

Yesterday I received a lot of flowers, cards, chocolate and goodies. I was, and still am, overwhelmed by the love that people covered me with on a day that should have been spent celebrating with my girls. Your love and kindness is so appreciated. Thank you so much and know that you are in my prayers and I have two little girls that whisper to God on a regular basis…you will be covered by His love, I promise.

Mother's Day 1

3 thoughts on “Anna Rhododendron

  1. So glad you can feel the love from all over (places near and far)… oh what a sweet day when we get to see our Lord and loved ones in that heavenly city!


  2. Leaving and giving Love Rocks to the people helping us at Randall Children’s Hodpital today. So grateful to share a little bit of love with the people who help families every day.


    1. Laura…you all are in our prayers!!! Love Randall Children’s Hospital…such amazing Doctors and staff! Thank you for sharing the Love and know that we are thinking about you!!!!


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