I have taken thousands of pictures in the past 7 years but one of my all time favorites was taken this past summer on our family vacation to Orcas Island. We were sitting around the campfire and the girls started laughing about an inside joke we have. They couldn’t stop, and the more they laughed the more we all laughed.

There was so much happiness around that campfire. I took this picture to capture the love and the joy that was being shared between two sisters. Ever since I took it I have loved it, but I had no idea how much this photo would mean to me. This how I picture them in Heaven; laughing, smiling and celebrating.

As the sun shines, and kids come outside to play, my heart is heavy. The water gets deeper and sometimes I wish I could go under forever. The thought of this photo brings me to the surface.

Love and Joy, that is what we will spread. Love and Joy in honor of my girls who bring me an abundance of both.

laughing poloroid

3 thoughts on “Snapshot

  1. Love and joy:-) I will treasure these words today and try to embody them. Hope your day is interwoven with both feelings!


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