Cool Girl

I’ve been out of commission with writing lately and it’s a real bummer. It’s not because I can’t find the words but rather I can’t sit at my desk and type for too long because I can’t find the perfect chair/desk combo that doesn’t make my body hurt when I type. I’ve tried lowering my desk, raising my desk and sitting in every chair in our house to see if it would help. Nothing.

Tom and I are going to go and find a better “office” chair that will adjust to see if maybe that will help the situation. It’s really frustrating to me because writing helps my grief and without it I feel a bit lost. I’m hoping to fix the problem soon.

I’ve been working on putting all of my photos onto my new computer and while doing that I am finding some real treasures. I love looking at photos and videos of when Anna was little. We had so much fun together and I cherish those times when it was just the two of us. I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Missing my girl!

anna young




5 thoughts on “Cool Girl

  1. She is the coolest! I keep thinking of her and Daniel looping through Madison’s room for “just one more” gum ball from the gum ball machine. I would find little chewed pieces of gum throughout the house on Friday evenings and smile. They were too stinkin cute!


  2. Susan, would sitting on an exercise ball help? I know of a couple of receptionists who use them.

    I drove by the tree yesterday and it is truly a monument of love and joy.

    Always thinking of you and your girls!!


    1. Thanks for the suggestion Amy…I’ll try it. I have to figure something out soon. Love and joy…that’s exactly what I was going for. : )


  3. I love that Sampson is in the reflection of her glasses! Hope you are feeling better soon my friend.


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