Dance Party in Heaven

Rowan is eight years old today.  Anna was so blessed to call Rowan her best buddy and the one friend in her life she knew the longest. Wishing she was here to celebrate on earth with him today but I know that there’s a dance party going on in Heaven in his honor.

Rowan’s 1st Birthday

Rowan 1st birthday

Rowan’s 2nd Birthday

year 2 rowan and anna

Rowan’s 3rd Birthday

rowan 3

Rowan’s 4th Birthday

rowan 4

Rowan’s 5th Birthday

rowan 5

Rowan’s 6th Birthday

Rowan 6th

Rowan’s 7th Birthday

Rowan 7

Happy 8th Birthday Rowan! We love you tons and so does Anna and Abigail.

rowan and anna




5 thoughts on “Dance Party in Heaven

  1. Oh, how Rowan must long to play and giggle with his bestie, Anna, always by his side. Adorable pictures that capture their special friendship! Happy 8th Birthday, Rowan!


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