Happiness Journal

This week has been full. I typically like to spend a lot of time at home sewing or writing but this week I have been out and about a lot. Last night Tom asked how I was doing and all I could say was that I was totally exhausted. This form of exhaustion is new, a little over six months old, and it’s really hard to explain how it feels. I’m trying to be careful of exhausting myself to the point of no return so next week I plan on sitting behind my sewing machine a lot and making tons of Love Rocks, both are very therapeutic and help my soul.

I have a lot of reasons to be happy this week.

1. Celebrating Brenda and Amy’s birthdays, you don’t have to be six to be excited about celebrating your friends birthday.friends

2. Holding Baby Prudence.  When Anna and Abigail heard our that our friend Leslie was pregnant they were so excited. Anna would tell all the time that she was going to hold that baby every time we were with them, something she had done with Prudence’s older brother August. I could feel my girls looking over my shoulder as I sat on the couch holding this sweet girl. Looking forward to watching her grow up to be a strong little lady just like my Anna and Abigail. prudence

3. Watching Makenna, Anna’s best friend, sing their favorite song in the school talent show yesterday. Her tribute to their friendship touched my heart and made me realize just how lucky Anna is to have Makenna as her best friend.Anna and makenna

4. So many people sending me messages to tell me they received a Love Rock or how they have been spreading Love. I know that Anna and Abigail can see it all and are definitely doing the happy dance in Heaven.love rocks 100

4 thoughts on “Happiness Journal

  1. Making some love rocks this weekend, while my boys are away at camporee. Good to hear you recognize the need to have time to relax, sew and cozy up at home to practice self-care.


  2. As you may or may not know, our granddaughters Jayme and Nicole are living with us now and I am always at a loss to keep Nicole occupied when the words”I am bored” are spoken. We are going to start the Love Rocks this week and I know she will love doing them.They have had a tough year and “spreading love” is a very positive way for them to cope. Thanks Susan for all you do for “your girls.”


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