Happiness Journal

I know that today there will be a lot of milkshakes and dancing going on in Heaven.

milkshake with Anna

I will do the same here. Wishing we could celebrate together.

Happy I have this picture of my girl drinking a really good milkshake. I sure do miss that face.

7 thoughts on “Happiness Journal

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I am singing to you right now.. 🙂
    Love that picture of Anna. Now I am craving milkshakes.
    Lots of Love and prayers coming your way!


  2. Best Birthday Wishes, my friend!
    Porter and I are outside enjoying the sunshine, making love rocks, and then after naptine we are going to load the stroller with love rocks, grab milk shakes, and go love rocking, sipping our shakes in your honor!!! Praying for you all day today! Treasures and rainbows for your birthday!!! Xoxoxo 🙂


  3. Hoping you have a day full of unexpected good things, happy memories and peaceful moments!
    Happiest birthday wishes for you Susan!


  4. I’m grateful you have that photo too. It’s the casual moments doing something that brought pure pleasure where you can see it deep in her eyes. I wish I could celebrate your birthday with you. xoxoxo


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