Mr. Photogenic

We were thinking he would do therapy work someday but I’m not sure if that is in his future. What I do know is that Linus is definitely in love with the camera. Every time I bring it out he sits and lets me take shot after shot. I raise my hand up and he follows it with his eyes and will slightly tilt his head giving me the perfect shot.

Who knows what his job will be other than our little healer. What I do know is he’s been getting me out of the house in the mornings for a long walk and for that I am grateful.

So thankful for him and his cute little face.

linus and me

8 thoughts on “Mr. Photogenic

  1. WOW, his nose IS heart shaped!
    ….Just goes to show how everyone and everything is placed here, among us, with a very special meaning.


  2. Goldens are great therapy – everyday and always 😉 Found your story, made some love rocks last weekend – My Golden (Sir Rex A lot, 5 yrs old) and I are spreading the love and nursing homes and libraries and to friends(going through cancer that are in need of support right now. oxoxo


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