If You Build It…

It was a beautiful Wednesday night and we were heading to the market when I noticed the sign on the door “open”; the three of us were very excited to go inside. We walked around looking at all the handmade goods and I knew exactly what both of my girls were thinking, you could see their wheels turning. Polly, the owner, was just what you would expect from a pop-up craft store with tons of vintage charm. She was delightful and chatted with us a bit about their plans for the holidays and what we should expect from The Crafty Fox. After 15 years of living in Forest Grove I was very excited to have a little shop like this in our town.

“What should we make to sell there,” were the exact words that came out of both of their mouths when we left. They then came up with handful of ideas:  bookmarks, fairy houses and anything duct taped. Anna and Abigail loved to create and the prospect of selling their goods was very exciting to both of them. Abigail then asked me what I would make to sell at the shop. I smiled, proud that my daughter had confidence in my crafting abilities and that she honestly thought people would buy something I made. I told them both that we would come up with some ideas in the next couple of weeks and that we would definitely buy our Christmas gifts at The Crafty Fox. Like all of the other small businesses in our town I definitely wanted to see them be successful.

We continued on to the Farmer’s Market, bought some of our favorite cookies, talked with our neighbors and friends and enjoyed another Wednesday evening of small town living. It was October 16th and life was good.

I couldn’t go into The Crafty Fox for a while, it was too hard, they were too excited. Instead I made pillows and daydreamed about all the things my girls would have made to display there: bookmarks, fairy houses and anything duct taped. I have a lot of samples of each of these made by my girls and they are some of my most precious treasures. Both of my girls were very talented artistically and loved to create.

After a couple of months I finally made my way up town with some Anna and Abigail pillow samples under my arm and a bag I had made Anna to carry her dance shoes in. I thought I would show Polly and see what she thought about selling them in her shop. I could spend my days doing what I loved in honor of my girls. They would be proud of me and would be excited that I was selling my goods at The Crafty Fox (they loved the name).

Polly and I have become friends, day dreaming together about projects and possibilities. She listens to me while I share about my girls and has provided a space in her shop for people to make Love Rocks. I appreciate her friendship and I know that my girls would too. They would think it is really cool that I am friends with the owner of The Crafty Fox. I can almost hear Abigail bragging about it.

I’m still in the process of making pillows and excited to start on some other projects to share. I’m really excited about the Kids Craft Camps that are going to be at The Crafty Fox this summer and I’m thrilled to be teaching Fairy Week.

I spent most of today building a fairy house for the camp. I have to say I know the girls were with me, whispering in my ear telling me where they would place every stone, piece of bark and treasure. When they built fairy houses they always put a little note inside for the fairy to find when they came for a visit. The fairy, almost always, left a little something behind for my girls. It was my favorite part, watching their faces, full of delight, find the treasures left behind.

I know that the fairies will visit tonight because I always told my girls, “If you build it…fairy house campthey will come.”anna fairy standing

“All you need is faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust.”                 ~ Peter Pan

8 thoughts on “If You Build It…

  1. I bet that will be a magical class!! Fun! When is the mother/daughter fairy house class (so I can make one too!!)? ❤️


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