Today was so beautiful!

We spent Father’s Day sharing love and joy in two towns that have gone through some heartache these past couple of weeks.

In one of the towns I met this wonderful women on the side of the road. She was about 80 and when she asked me how many kids I had I told her four, two here on earth and two in Heaven. She told me she too had two children in Heaven, a 7 yr old and a baby.

She was so beautiful and I could have talked with her all day. She had so much wisdom and such a common path to mine. She told me that with faith you can do anything. I gave her a Love Rock and she told me that she knew our paths would cross again.

If not here, then in Heaven with our children.


todays love rock

6 thoughts on “Wisdom

  1. When you give of yourself, and your time in ways such as you do, in order to honor our heavenly Father, not just on father’s day, but everyday, your journey in this life is bound to be filled with blessings….how wonderful to know you are on a heavenly walk…..one which requires that He carry you at times and other times that He uses you to lift up others in your beautiful way♥


  2. Like your friend above said, I bet that lady was blessed by you as well. Only you, can understand truly, what was on her heart today. You were a gift to her. ❤️ I know I treasure you…


  3. Beautiful encounter!!! This meeting was meant to happen!! Jenn, Parker, Reser, Darren and I also had some great encounters at the outlet mall- both young and old … thank you …


  4. I bet she had a wonderful day after your talk 🙂 You are both wonderful souls and we are all blessed to know you.


  5. I love it when people come into your life for a reason! Such a special gift! ❤️ Thank you for all the gifts you shared today!!


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