Curious George

It was the first day of summer break. This working mom was able to just be a mom, full time, without having to leave her sweet girl every day while she worked. We planned to sleep in, watch Curious George in bed, eat breakfast, pack a picnic lunch and then head to the park for the day.

I remember thinking I was blessed because I had this time with Miss Anna: summers off. I was a single mom so being a stay at home mom was not an option. I remember being grateful for having a profession which allowed me this time with my girl. We had plans, big plans.

This picture was taken at the park that day. June 10, 2008
This picture was taken at the park that day. June 2008

This past September Anna and I were going through some old photos, this one (above) being one of them. I told her I didn’t want her to grow up yet. She had just started first grade and I knew that in no time at all she would be wearing a cap and gown to her graduation.

I was sad she was growing up, remembering a time when all she wanted to do was play with Mama. I remember thinking that I needed to count my blessings for all the beautiful memories we shared during this time in our lives when it was just the two of us:  when life was simple, sleeping in was an option and Curious George never got old.

Missing my Anna on the first day of summer break and remembering all of the beautiful memories.

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15 thoughts on “Curious George

  1. What beautiful photos of you both. The first one took my breath away.

    I love that you had a plan, even for the first day… So often at the end of the school year, I just wanted to crash with exhaustion. Loved hearing about you seized the day that first day of summer vacation back then. Big hugs today.


  2. Anna is such a beautiful child and so very lucky top have you with all your love. I know you want more than just these memories.


  3. So beautiful.  Sending you Reiki blessings.  Thank you for sharing good even after all the sadness.  You are a light to all who have ever loved. 

    Sent on the new Sprint Network from my Samsung Galaxy S®4.


  4. Your Anna is just unbelievably beautiful – her eyes convey so much joy – as do yours. You are both so sweetly in love with each other. These pictures take my breath away. You remind me yet again to stop the chaos and endless to-dos, and just enjoy my daughter. Thank you. And I am so sorry.


  5. Susan,
    This post brought back so many memories of my first days of summer with Ryker. Teaching was over , it was just the 2 of us, and for the upcoming weeks of summer I would not have to dread leaving my Ryker behind to go to work! Single mom and SO thankful to be a teacher, which gave me the time with him I longed for during the school year. Such precious, precious time. Sending you a BIG BIG Hug!!! Xoxo T


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