As I was looking through my pictures from our Enchanted Forest adventure last year I came across a series that I think I may have overlooked the last time I viewed them. After sharing about Abigail’s overpriced souvenir it got me thinking about the fun we had giving each other a hard time.

We were just beginning to really understand each other and with that came an ability to know exactly what buttons we could push, how long to push them and the realization that, no matter what, we loved each other tons and we were going to be together for a very long time.As a pre-teen, I’m not sure how excited my Abigail was of this fact but I loved that she was teaching me and guiding me through parenting a child at this age. She really truly was an amazing girl and I feel like I won the jackpot when she entered my life.

I know I’ve written this before and I’m sure I will write many more times ~ I am so blessed to call Abigail my daughter.

I love that she had no idea I was right behind her. No need for the blue raincoat on this ride…just years of driving under my belt.

first EF middle enchanted

Busted!last EF


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