Overpriced Souvenir

enchanted forest

Even though we wore the blue raincoat we still walked off the ride soaking wet. Anna and I were both wimps when it came to walking around an amazement park drenched, Abigail said we were taking all the fun out of it.

As we walked up to the booth our shining moment came up on the screen, I knew immediately we would not be purchasing the $7 photo that was overpriced and definitely did not catch me at one of my finer moments.

Abigail, my pre-teen, opened up her wallet, pulled out her allowance, looked at me and smiled.  I let her purchase the photo knowing that there was a lesson to be learned about how she spent her money.

We spent the rest of the day playing at the Enchanted Forest, a gem of an amusement park just south of Portland. I still can’t believe it took me almost 7 years to experience everything this wooded, neatly kept, magical and entertaining wonderland had to offer. I promised the girls we would come back yearly until the log ride got old. I knew that day was far, far away.

When we got home she spent some time rearranging the photos on the fridge, putting her overpriced souvenir right in the middle so everyone would see. She was proud of her purchase and I realized quickly that there was no lesson to be learned that day. She didn’t want it for herself, she wanted to embarrass me and show everyone who came to our house how goofy her mom looked while on the log ride. To her that was worth whatever she had to pay.

I guess you can say the lessons that needed to be learned were mine; don’t go on a log ride if you don’t want to get wet and don’t underestimate how far a pre-teen will go to embarrass her mom.

Wish I could pay her back and show her that I can ride the log ride with out the silly rain coat. I may even pose this time for the photo.


11 thoughts on “Overpriced Souvenir

    1. I saw that you commented on this and that was my thought…you both would have definitely gotten along.


  1. I loved this story. It just shows once again how Abigail loved and adored you. What a precious priceless gift she left on your fridge!


  2. Love this story !
    I can imagine Abby must have loved that she was the one brave enough to ride in front without a raincoat …. And that it was not a flattering photo of you …. what a Bonus!!
    Reminds me of someone I know at my house (;


  3. Love this picture!!! It reminds me that the embarrassing photos CAN be a 2 way contribution. I just posted Facebook photos of my 17 year old’s ortho progress. I am pretty sure he will pay me back with some unflattering pics or videos of me. It leaves for some great memories though. Thanks for sharing!


  4. This is one of my favorite stories yet! I know I really missed out, not meeting these two girls on Earth. Makes me look forward to our chats and laughs in Heaven!


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