Lemon Love

At the beginning of summer, I always made sure we were stocked and ready to go at a moments notice. It usually started with a playdate and then someone running downstairs and yelling, “lemonade stand!”

They would sit at the counter and make signs to assist in their sales and would talk about how much a small glass of refreshing lemonade should be this time around. The small table would be transferred to the front yard and Anna would usually ask if she could use one of the fancy tablecloths. Sometimes they would ask if we could freeze some strawberries into the ice cubes for some added appeal, they knew that their customers liked that added touch.

The change box would be brought down from it’s hiding place in the closet. They always left some coins in there so that they were ready to go right then and didn’t need to find change. I’m sure it’s still in its place and ready to go right now.

These were the moments of pure joy in the summertime – kids yelling at the top of their lungs, “Lemonade, Lemonade, Lemonade for Sale!”

These are the moments that I miss.Anna and Ro signsAnna and Ro lemon loveAnna and Ro Stand

Last night at our community Farmer’s Market, two of Anna and Abigail’s friends reached their goal of raising $1000 to donate to the playground fund. Rowan designed shirts for them to wear, Carter stood and squeezed lemons and they both honored their friends by sharing Lemon Love with anyone who wanted a cup. They even got an article in our town newspaper, so proud of these boys.

lemon love 2DSC_0177

The team of Lemon Love is not done. They will be continuing to sell lemonade at the market on Wednesdays – so keep your eyes open for their yellow shirts and tie-dyed awning. Rowan also has another goal to sell 100 original Lemon Love prints which will be for sale in our online fundraising store soon. We like to think of these prints as a virtual glass of lemonade for all those people who are not local but would love to support the boy’s efforts.

We are so grateful for the hard work and dedication of all the kids that have helped to raise money for the playground. So far donations from the lemonade stand total $2175! I am amazed by what these kids have done for their friends, they are truly a blessing.

We are looking forward to the day we send out invites to come to play at Anna and Abby’s Yard!

*We have been asked a number of times how someone can go about donating to the park. All monetary donations can be made to Anna and Abby’s Memorial Fund and sent to Premium Community Bank, 2811 19th Ave. Forest Grove, OR, 97116.

7 thoughts on “Lemon Love

  1. I love these shirts! I was going to do the girl scouts one…. but this is perfect! Sign me up for 2 – youth small & medium!


    1. Tori…the shirts will be on the online store as soon as we figure out sizes…I’ll let you know when it’s all up and running! Love you.


      1. Are pillows going to be on the site too? I’ve been looking forward to cuddling with one of those xoxo I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU!


  2. What wonderful people your girls have in their lives. This is so wonderful and I absolutely love the lemon love gear!


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