She sat on the computer most of the night researching. She showed me her results and explained all of her findings. She was proud of her work and couldn’t wait to turn it in. Learning was fun in her 6th grade class and she was excited to go to school everyday. This had not always been the case so seeing this made me very happy. Her teacher, a friend, reported she was working hard and getting good grades. When I shared this with her she was happy and proud.

I was so proud of her.

She had been in 1st grade for about a month and the transition to her new school was going well. She loved to talk about her friends, her teacher and what she was learning. We read every morning and she was excited because it was getting easier. It was Friday afternoon and I had just dropped her off with her dad for a weekend away. The voicemail made my phone beep, I listened to the message. The principle called to let me know that my daughter was selected by her teacher for student of the month because she had transitioned so nicely to her new school, was making friends and working hard in class. I called her immediately to tell her. She was so happy and proud.

I was so proud of her.

As a parent you wonder what your kids will become, how their lives will come together and what impact they will have on the world by the choices they make. You celebrate the milestones and take pride in their accomplishments as independent beings that you helped to influence in some way. You have your ups and downs, ins and outs and sometimes even sideways periods; but through it all you hope they are happy, healthy and some how make the world a better place because of their choices and footprint.

My daughters are in Heaven so there will be no graduation to celebrate, no college dorm to decorate, no long talks over the phone about job decisions, no front row seats at their wedding or even grandchildren to hold. What my girls have done in their short lives here and what they are continuing to do now that they are in Heaven goes beyond anything I could have imagined they would do in their lifetime.

I wish they were here so we could talk about their accomplishments while eating dinner as a family or getting ready for bed.  I pray that they feel, hear or even in a super natural way see how proud I am of their lives.

I am so proud of them and who they have become, how their lives have come together and the impact they have had on the world.

I really don’t think I could be more proud of Anna and Abigail ~ they are an inspiration and are truly a blessing to me.

I am so proud to be their mom.

a goofy A2 2goofy


4 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. I LOVED teaching Abby! Her sparkle and smile brought sunshine to my room. You have every reason to be proud of both your girls. Abby smiled at everyone and always had kind words. Miss her heaps!


  2. I think many people are proud of who they were and continue to be. And I think they know that you are proud. Such lucky girls to have such amazing parents, and vice versa. ❤ Sending love to you.


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