Happiness Journal

happiness journal tree dog bikeThrough my grief, through the missing and through the longing I do find happiness.

It’s the simplest things, like watching the birds play in Anna and Abby’s tree in the morning while I’m drinking my coffee on the front porch.

It’s feeling a furry Linus curling up at our feet as Tom and I are embracing, comforting each other through this journey.

It’s packaging up Love Rock Kits for people all over the country. Thinking about where the Love and Joy in that box will be placed, who will find it and what it will mean to them.

This life I am living is hard, very hard, but there is joy, happiness, blessings and even laughter. My girls taught me a lot about how to live and they are continuing to teach me, along with so many others, what is really important in this life.

Today I am happy that it’s sunny but not too hot.

I am happy that Linus has taken a break from chewing up shoes.

I am happy that this week we sold over a hundred Love Rock kits. That is 1500 Love Rocks that will be made and distributed all across the county.

I am happy that LOVE ROCKS!!!


8 thoughts on “Happiness Journal

  1. I don’t know you but I know your story, I hurt for you when you lost your beautiful girls, I don’t believe you ever forget, but GOD does make it easier over time.There will be times when the tears come for no other reason then a smell that reminded you of one of them, but that’s O.K…In time we will be able to hold thous we love once again, but for know just continue holding onto GOD..know that you are both thought about and prayed for…GOD bless your beautiful family…


  2. It was so nice to see you in front of the Crafty Fox this week, Susan. Your written words are so beautiful. They really bless me. Just wanted you to know you are loved and prayed for often ❤


  3. Susan, I just wanted to share another way that love rocks are spreading LOVE in the community. Yesterday I was working at the Foster Closet with our mutual friend Nikki R. and a lovely woman came in to donate some beautiful handcrafted backpacks that she made to be given to foster children. While inspecting these wonderful creations and thinking about what joy these would bring to a young child in foster care; we discovered a special little “treasure bag” tucked in each bag which contained a LOVE ROCK with the inscription on the back “you are loved”. It just touched our hearts to see how God is using LOVE ROCKS to now touch the Foster Care Community. AWESOME!!! Thank you for all you do and sharing your journey with us. God Bless!!!


  4. Love rocks. My two favorite words..
    Tomorrow we are leaving on a 3 week vacation to New Mexico and Florida. We will be spreading tons of love. ❤
    Love You Susan and Tom and Linus


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