Happiness Journal

Last summer we spent a week on Orcas Island camping with the kids. It was an amazing adventure and one I know we will each cherish for the rest of our lives.

Orcas Island

This past weekend Tom and I took Emily and Ben to the coast for a weekend away. Although there is a tremendous void without having our two youngest with us, I could definitely feel their presence.

We climbed hills, walked the beach, threw the tennis ball for Linus, chased Linus around the beach after he found a dead seagull, placed Love Rocks everywhere, learned how to blow glass, talked about favorite past vacation memories and bonded as a family.

I found rest and it felt good.

We found out about this hike from the owner of the coffee shop next to where we were staying. It was such a great hike with a dramatic finish, this incredible hill that sat so high you could see all the way down the beach when you were on top.  It wasn’t easy but we all made it, even Linus.

linus hike

On the way to the top Emily and I reminisced about how Anna and Abigail would have responded to our days hike. Abigail would have run ahead, reaching the top and totally freaking her mother out. Anna would have run ahead and when tired would have come back to let mama know. She probably would have asked a handful of times when we were heading back to the beach to play, they both loved the beach.

I loved talking with Emily about the girls.

After we all came back down the hill Tom and Emily went ahead and I turned back to Ben. Missing the girls I decided we needed to leave a Love Rock there for them so I asked Ben if he would hike back up and place these two Love Rocks for his sisters.

Without hesitation he proudly said yes.

Mountain topEmily and Tom rays

As we made our way back down the trail Emily, Tom and Linus were hiding in the shade of the forest. I couldn’t help but be in awe of how the rays of the sun were being cast down in front of them as if Anna and Abigail were between us. Tom, Linus and Emily at the head; then Anna and Abigail, then Ben and I picking up the tail.

Feeling blessed and happy that the six of us plus one playful dog went for a hike this past weekend at the coast.

Linus tennis ball

6 thoughts on “Happiness Journal

  1. They way you express yourself brings me to tears again, Susan. Certainly, God is guiding the way in which you are seeing these days together with your family! What an unbelievable celebration it will be when you are all together in the same place again ❤


  2. You capture your thoughts so well on paper and through the camera … “I will answer your prayers and take care of you …” Hosea 14:8


  3. Glad to see this update. Thankful that you were able to find some rest and some needed family time. Someone who hikes that big hill is going to be in for a heartwarming surprise. You guys are so wonderful.


  4. So glad you had a fun time at the beach… Your hiking trip sounded relaxing and adventuresome. Love You very much. ❤
    Tell Emily, Ben and Tom hi


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