Peace Comes Through Loving

love rock blue

What I have found more than anything else these last 4 months through making and sharing Love Rocks is that people want to share and receive love!!! There is so much going on in our world and I truly feel that peace will come through loving.

I have felt this first hand in my own life.

There is something about these little rocks with fabric hearts on them that make people smile, think and want to share. If all 9,000 plus people in the Love Rock community made one Love Rock and placed it in the world just think what would happen if that kept multiplying.

Could our news be filled with stories of love, hope and how people take care of one another despite their differences?

Let’s share Love Rocks all over the place; with teachers and school staff as your kids go back to school, with your kids as they go back to school, with community members as you go to the grocery store or local market, with neighbors, with other people’s neighbors, with people who make big decisions in this country, with someone you need to forgive or who has asked for forgiveness, with individuals or families you know are going through a rough time, with our countries homeless as you wait for the light to turn green…basically share Love and Joy everywhere you go.

I know my girls are in Heaven, along with so many others, smiling at all the love and joy being shared.

This Love Rock community can truly make a difference…don’t give up because LOVE ROCKS!!!

Will you spread Love and Joy today?

4 thoughts on “Peace Comes Through Loving

  1. beautifully said susan…i work in the kitchen at hillsboro high school and i was thinking of placing love rocks everyday of school. these kids are searching for love and sometimes lost. after reading this blog i know what i need to do. these little rocks have brought so much joy to the people who make them and also for the ones who find them. ❤


    1. Sounds like the perfect idea!!! I can only imagine the Love Rocks will find the kids that need them most : )


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