He’s Back

blue and purple tree

He’s back ~ Stanley is back making a new nest.

As Tom and I stood by the tree on Saturday remodeling, he came springing through the grass and looked up at us, startled at first and then I swear he winked as if saying, “Thanks for the new digs.”

I’m sure Stanley is used to our antics, probably wondering when we are going to use the pom-pom yarn again.

I’ve learned that we can share the tree. I provide him with a bright, cheerful and peaceful place to raise his family and he provides me with stories I can tell.

I’m looking forward for the infants to arrive ~ hoping it provides some distraction from the falling leaves.




4 thoughts on “He’s Back

  1. Love it! When I first read the title of this blog, “He’s Back”, I was pretty sure I knew who you were talking about, and I was right. Which means your readers enjoy hearing about Stanley. At least this reader does. And I bet he knows that it’s his job to distract you from the falling leaves. Big love, hugs and prayers!!


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