Stanley Update

Photo credit: Jennifer at the District Office

My little friend Stanley, the squirrel that lives in Anna and Abigail’s tree, has been very busy this past week making his nest. The other day the ladies working in the district office watched as Stanley plucked little pom poms off their string and proceeded to take them into his little hole. Fortunately they were quick and thought to take pictures so there would be evidence against the little fella. He has really done a number on the pom pom string, it’s really drooping since he chewed through most of the pieces up top. I will let him have his fun for now but as soon as the rain subsides a bit I will be out there with a ladder and my staple gun and do some re-attaching.

I like to think that Sally, Stanley’s wife, is inside their little home resting her head on the blue, pink and white pom pom pillows that her dear husband brings her. She is with child and he is taking care of her while she rests. This allows me to not be angry at the fact he is making a mess of the tree!

8 thoughts on “Stanley Update

  1. So proud of Stanley for making such a beautiful nest for Sally and their babies! What a good daddy! And what a lucky family to live in a tree so full of love!! ❤️


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