Happiness Journal

With the help of some friends, Tom and I spent the day making a rainbow on Anna and Abby’s tree. Anna and Abbys tree 315

When we were all done look who came for a visit.


Anna and Abby’s Rainbow Tree makes me happy and so does the little squirrel who calls it home.

When people walk or drive by the spot where Anna and Abigail went to Heaven I know a sadness comes to their heart.  I hope that by making the tree into something beautiful those feelings of sadness are accompanied with love and joy because in that very spot is where my girls met Jesus.

4 thoughts on “Happiness Journal

  1. I am a FB loser!!! We made a rainbow tree in honor of your girls as well as my daughter, whom I asked as she passed , to “send mommy a rainbow, so I know you are OK”. Kira sends me at least one every single day, When I saw your tree, I hope you don’t mind, I copied! But not without acknowledging your beautiful girls. I feel, our girls must be friends in Heaven.It felt so good to send a rainbow up to her. It is soooooooooo cold here in Chicago, I will go up as it gets warm. So many love the rainbow tree. Maybe, like the rocks, we can let others know how to “send one up”. This life is tough, a bit of rainbow is always a good thing. Thank you soo much for the precious idea. You are a ROCK. And my inspiration. God Bless, xoxoxoxoxo


  2. I love to stop and talk to the girls at the tree from time to time. It is very beautiful spot. It’s like a rainbow shining down from heaven! Thank you for doing this. ❤️


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