Spring Babies

I got a message this afternoon from the ladies at the District Office that said,

“New development at the tree. Sally had 3 babies. We noticed them today poking all their little heads out of the holes. Fun to watch. You should check it out!”

I immediately grabbed my camera and went out to investigate. Wouldn’t you know it the little ones have arrived.


 I bet they love how comfy their little home is…probably will never want to leave.

Looking forward to watching them play.

6 thoughts on “Spring Babies

  1. It is such a rare and special treat to see a baby squirrel. We have a mama who has chosen our side attic to do her nesting for 7 or 8 years now (she cleans up after them so why not?)
    After all these years, I finally saw a baby for the first time, last year. How special for you to see all three babies. Such a delightful way to brighten ones day!
    We pray for you always. This is evidence that our father hears our prayers. And answers them with such kind gestures in order to warm our hearts.


  2. I can’t imagine a lovlier squirrel home. They are so curious and playful by nature. I also imagine that the girls love the idea of hosting a squirrel family! What fun chaos could occur!


  3. Squirrels usually reuse the same nest each year. The couple in our back yard elm has three strategically placed nests and three different heights they use. When the babies get a little bigger the mama carries them around by the scruffs of their necks and moves them to different nests so they can have their squirrel homeschool lessons. :o). We’ve been watching ours each spring for many years now.


  4. How exciting! You’re right, they won’t ever want to leave such a beautiful home. Hope to see pics of the little guys soon.


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