They Will Fall

The leaves on Anna and Abby’s Tree are still pretty green. In the next couple of weeks, maybe even days, they will turn beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow.

Then they will fall.

They will all fall and another year will start.

Fall is a mix of emotions because there are so many reminders of the exact moment my heart was broken and it is filled with so many beautiful memories of our favorite season together. Each morning when I open the curtains, and I see the leaves changing, I can either focus on that one moment or I can choose to focus on the millions of other moments that fill my heart with love and joy.

Some days, it’s hard not to be consumed by the brokenness I feel and fight everyday.

Most days, I choose the path that brings light to my memories and my girls.

Today, we decided to celebrate so we went out hunting for special leaves to add to our collection.

I think these leaves were sent from Heaven and Alice agrees.


Fall Rainbow

This time last year all the leaves had already fallen.

Anna and Abby's Tree Fall

Everyday I walk outside to this beautiful rainbow of color that Anna and Abby’s Tree, and neighboring trees, provide.

It’s just another way of God letting me know that all is good in Heaven.

As the leaves have slowly fallen this year a team of people, organized by my dear friend, have made sure that there are no leaves under the tree. We are so grateful for this gesture of love and feel very blessed by everyone who has helped our hearts in this way.

Thank you and we love you all so much!!!

He’s Back

blue and purple tree

He’s back ~ Stanley is back making a new nest.

As Tom and I stood by the tree on Saturday remodeling, he came springing through the grass and looked up at us, startled at first and then I swear he winked as if saying, “Thanks for the new digs.”

I’m sure Stanley is used to our antics, probably wondering when we are going to use the pom-pom yarn again.

I’ve learned that we can share the tree. I provide him with a bright, cheerful and peaceful place to raise his family and he provides me with stories I can tell.

I’m looking forward for the infants to arrive ~ hoping it provides some distraction from the falling leaves.




I Will Call Her Sally

It’s been awhile since I’ve talked about Stanley, who I’ve renamed Sally, and her little ones. Turns out she had 6 babies, all very healthy and lively. They were born in April and proved to be very entertaining for those of us that spend a lot of time looking at Anna and Abigail’s tree. They were very active; jumping from limb to limb, chasing and taunting each other, like typical siblings, swinging on branches and climbing high up into the canopy that provides shade for our garden. I loved watching their antics.

After finding less and less Cirque du Squirreil shows happening out front I decided to do some squirrel behavior research and found out that Sally has most likely relocated her family. I still see her from time to time but I don’t see the little ones very often. I miss them and their antics.

This weekend Tom and I decided it was time to change up the girls’ tree. I had a plan that was formulating in my head and I have to say that it turned out better than I had imagined. Tom and I had a lot of fun putting it all together and loved that neighbors and friends joined in the fun, stopped by to chat or just simply raised a hand to say hello while they drove by.

This tree, Anna and Abigail’s tree, will forever change with the seasons both naturally and by two parents who find peace in the exact spot their daughters went to Heaven.

Through my squirrel research I found that their could be babies this September if Sally finds love again (actually it has nothing to do with love). I can’t help but think these little babies born in our special tree are destined to do great things.

summer 2014 treeLinus rainbow tree

I found Linus hanging out in Anna's room the rainbow right outside her window.

I found Linus hanging out in Anna’s room today…love the rainbow right outside her window.


Spring Babies

I got a message this afternoon from the ladies at the District Office that said,

“New development at the tree. Sally had 3 babies. We noticed them today poking all their little heads out of the holes. Fun to watch. You should check it out!”

I immediately grabbed my camera and went out to investigate. Wouldn’t you know it the little ones have arrived.


 I bet they love how comfy their little home is…probably will never want to leave.

Looking forward to watching them play.


Spent the day refreshing the tree a bit.

tree march

When I came out to take some pictures guess who was arriving home from a long day of nut gathering….Stanley!


I put some pom-poms around his little home so that he doesn’t feel the need to do any damage. He was so funny, knew I was watching him so he just sat rubbing his little paws against his face.

So cute.

Just wait Stanley, Linus is coming tomorrow and I’m training him to chase squirrels.

PS. We love when people visit the tree and leave notes, balloons, flowers or whatever you feel moved to leave for the girls. All of the love notes that have been left are brought inside and kept.  The tree is a very special place for us but we want it to also be a space people can come visit and celebrate the girls. If you’re visiting and happen to see Stanley, don’t hesitate to take him home with you…I bet he would make a good pet.