Spent the day refreshing the tree a bit.

tree march

When I came out to take some pictures guess who was arriving home from a long day of nut gathering….Stanley!


I put some pom-poms around his little home so that he doesn’t feel the need to do any damage. He was so funny, knew I was watching him so he just sat rubbing his little paws against his face.

So cute.

Just wait Stanley, Linus is coming tomorrow and I’m training him to chase squirrels.

PS. We love when people visit the tree and leave notes, balloons, flowers or whatever you feel moved to leave for the girls. All of the love notes that have been left are brought inside and kept.  The tree is a very special place for us but we want it to also be a space people can come visit and celebrate the girls. If you’re visiting and happen to see Stanley, don’t hesitate to take him home with you…I bet he would make a good pet.

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