I remember once in college, or maybe even high school being in the same room when the movie Caddyshack was on TV. A classic movie of 1980 and one I really didn’t pay much attention to. All I remember is that my brothers, along with most of the other males in my life, loved this sport movie cult classic and would often quote lines from Bill Murray, Chevy Chase and Rodney Dangerfield and then laugh uncontrollably about the silly little gopher that tormented Bill Murray on the golf course. 

I never really got it.

Last weekend Tom and I decided to add some more pom-pom yarn (the same yarn that my girls decorated their rooms with) to the girl’s tree. This tree is very special to us for obvious reasons and I would like to say that we have taken ownership of it, if you can say that about a tree. My girls spent their last moments on earth playing in this trees leaves. They went to Jesus under this tree. It’s by this tree that I can hear their whispers in the form of the wind blowing through pinwheels. We have decorated this tree with pom-pom yarn, cut out hearts and love notes to my sweet girls in Heaven. Each night I light candles at the base of this tree in honor of my girls and the life they lead.

This tree is very much a part of our life and I think it’s safe to say it always will be.

So, last weekend Tom and I decided that we needed to wrap the pom-pom yarn all the way up to the first branch. This required some teamwork and a ladder. Tom had the great idea that we should throw the yarn over the lowest branch (which was pretty high up) and to do so he had to stand on the ladder. We bickered back and forth, me thinking he was going to fall and Tom thinking the girls would love the fact he was getting it up there so high. I agreed with his thought about the girls and we wrapped the yarn real tight around the tree and branch. It was very important for me that the yarn was wrapped tight, I didn’t want any of it sagging.

I really liked how it turned out and I looked forward to cutting out more hearts and tucking them up high into the yarn. There is still lots of work to do around the tree, I like to think it’s a work in progress. DSC_0114

What does Caddyshack and the girl’s tree have anything to do with one another?

It seems that there is a bit of a bandit loose and this bandit, aka Stanley the Squirrel, has been gnawing through my tight pom-pom yarn. At first I thought someone might have cut the yarn making it loose and hang down but, upon investigation, I realized that it must have been an animal of sorts. That little pest, I couldn’t believe he was ruining our beautifully wrapped yarn. DSC_0119

Shortly after recognizing that it was probably a squirrel wouldn’t you know it, one came pouncing down in front of the District Office with a giant leaf in his mouth. He stopped, stared and ran up the tree into a hole just past the last piece of yarn. He then put the leaf away in his comfy pom-pom filled home and stuck his head out. At that exact moment I thought about that little gopher in the movie Caddyshack and all of its shenanigans. I now have my own little squirrel that just made decorating the girls tree an adventure. My own Caddyshack minus the explosives.

DSC_0122I have not seen my little friend today. I’m hoping that he didn’t get scared, pack his bags (filled with pom-pom yarn and paper hearts) and high tail it to another tree. I sure hope he decides to stay around and help us with his own personal touches.

I have this lovely vision of Stanley resting his sweet little head on a little pink pom-pom each night. Hopefully I will be able to take a picture of him sometime. I even thought that maybe Stanley is actually Sally and maybe she’s preparing a nest so when she delivers her babies they will be nice and comfy. Wouldn’t that be sweet?

Life at Anna and Abigail’s tree, an adventure for sure!

22 thoughts on “Stanley

  1. Suasan and Tom,

    Looking out of the window this morning we watched a Blue Heron fly in and land on your roof top. He walked around and found a nice place to rest for a short time and then flew off. It was such a amazing sight to watch that amazing bird fly in take a rest and then go on his way.


    1. I love that you all can see what happens around our house as we are all tucked inside. I must admit that it doesn’t surprise me one bit that a Blue Heron would fly onto our roof…I’m sure the girls sent him to check up on us. Love this and thank you for sharing! Enjoyed chatting this morning by the tree too!


  2. Susan and Tom,
    Out of my work window I have the honor of viewing that beautiful decorated tree.When you wrapped the pom-poms around the tree you crossed over both of Stanleys entry holes. Within 24 hours Stanley had the entry way cleared of all pom-poms and was busy going in and out of his tree. We can only imagine that inside his home it is decorated with the beautiful pom-poms.I think Stanley is enjoying his beautiful decorated tree.


  3. The 2 holes represent Anna and Abigail. Maybe in spring sally will have 2 little surprises emerging through. What a cute story


  4. I bet the girls love the thought of a squirrel family playing in their tree and decorating their nests in pom-poms! Love you and Tom!


  5. Susan,
    All God’s creatures love you and come to you because they know you have a kind and giving heart. Little Stanley or Sally are most fortunate to have found a home in your sweet girl’s tree❤️. I somehow feel you and that little creature will become friends very soon.

    Love you💗


  6. I reveled in the beauty of your work when I ran passed your tree on my run Sunday. For the remainder of my run, I thought about the beauty and memories it holds.


  7. Well I really need some help with my tablet, and I haven’t gotten the hang of the keyboard!! I think you get the “gist” of what I was trying to say!!


  8. I was I could be as eloquent, and I know I msut be spelling it you are…the way you are able to express yourself…ti is as sweet as your girls re…I could visualize that tree, before I ever saw the is love.


  9. We have studied up on squirrels quite a lot because we have a mating pair that raises two or three babies in the same nest in our elms every spring. It is mating season for squirrels now and yes, Mamas are now busy building their nests. Our mama squirrel makes one nest lower on the tree and two up higher in the branches. They move to babies to safety depending upon the weather. I am sure Anna and Abby’s tree is also home to a squirrel’s nest. Our mama squirrel has used her same nest now for many years. New life will likely be born of this tree come late March.


    1. Thank you Mary for the info…I love that the squirrel is there. When I went out tonight to light my candles he or she stuck it’s head out to say hello.


      1. That is so special! :o) The female is building her nest for a litter. They can have one early spring and another in the summer! Once the babies are born, you’ll see her carrying them from place to place in her mouth by the scruff of their necks. She has Pom poms! That must be cozy!


    1. Susan the tree is beautiful! When I looked at the picture of the tree with the 2 holes it looked like an owl to me. The two holes r the eyes and the twisted bark between the holes look like a beak. I don’t know if its just me but have u ever looked at it and had the image of an owl?? It was the first thought that came to my mind when I scrolled down to that picture .


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