National Organ Donation Month

“He is having a good time being a lively boy.”

As I read this line of an email I received yesterday I could picture him, playing out on the playground at his school. Maybe he had been restricted in the months or even years leading up to receiving the call that there was a liver that was a perfect match. This 8-year-old boy whose life changed the day Abigail went to Heaven. His family able to sleep knowing that their little guy will be ok.

I pray for them.

I am grateful that God makes good out of bad. I am grateful for this families love story and how God has entwined our lives together. We do not know them but hopefully one day we will get to meet and tell them all about our girls. I would love to see this little boy’s smile.

Last April, celebrating National Organ Donation Month was not even on our radar. I had heard stories about lives being changed by organ donation but never could have imagined that we, in just a years time, would be part of this family of giving life after a death.

I had a conversation with the girls once about people who give their organs to others after they die. I remember Abigail asking 10 yr old questions and Anna not understanding that it wouldn’t hurt to take out your organs after your soul was already in Heaven. I didn’t think much of the conversation until October 21st when we were being asked if we would consider donating Abigail’s organs.

The answer to that question was easy, of course we would because Abigail would want that. I remember Tom looking at me, tears in his eyes, and saying that this will be the joy, Abigail will give life.

I am so proud of my girls for so many reasons. They have shown so much love and hope through their lives but also through their death.

Someday, I too will be in Heaven, and I will yell their names and they will come running. I focus on that embrace in my darkest hours, the embrace that does not have an end but will last for eternity.

organ donation




5 thoughts on “National Organ Donation Month

  1. Your beautiful girls are amazing! And so are you and Tom. In fact, you and Tom are some of the most amazing parents I have ever had the honor to know.


  2. The quilt square is beautiful Susan! Beautiful girls, beautiful tree, beautiful gifts that Abigail was able to give, beautiful love your family shares.


  3. Abigail gave life to a little boy the same age as my Daniel….that is so amazing! I so admire your choices when given the worst of circumstances…you honor your girls in every step you take. Love and prayers for you and Tom.


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