Strawberry Blond with Silver Highlights

This morning I was admiring my new hair cut in our bathroom mirror and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I leaned forward and took a closer look and it was affirmed that my hair is changing color.

My whole life I have considered myself strawberry blond and very proud of that fact. This morning I saw silver, lots of it. It’s not the kind of silver that stands out against dark hair…one strand here and one strand there, easy to pull and get rid off. Mine is more of a shimmering silver color that blends with my strawberry tones.

You may not notice it when you look at me but it’s there and I can honestly say it makes me happy.

I want to grow old, I want to move through this world, I want to go home and be with God and my girls ~ until that day, I’m going to rock strawberry blond hair with silver highlights, and maybe, silver hair with strawberry blond highlights!





7 thoughts on “Strawberry Blond with Silver Highlights

    1. You can see them too right? I may be going a bit nuts but I’m hoping for a full head of silvery hair sooner than later ; ) Love You Tana!!


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