Getting Deeper

Somedays the missing is truly unbearable.

I miss my girls so much!

pink girls

So also you have sorrow now, but I will see you again, and your hearts will rejoice, and no one will take your joy from you. ~John 16:22

28 thoughts on “Getting Deeper

  1. Beautiful picture…just so sweet. You can feel the girls’ innocence, love, and their own personal stlye. I’m praising God for His promises…without them, there would be no hope. I am thankful you are able to find comfort in God’s words every day, hour, minute-
    especially during these times of unbearable aching. Wish there was something I could do to help…I thank God for the numerous memories and stories and pictures you have to reflect on ♥


  2. I cannot even imagine your sadness but I know I am crying for you! I wish and pray so much for you and all of your family to have no more pain and sadness!


  3. My dear friend Susan I am constantly praying and thinking of you!! I wish there was more I could do to help ease your sadness! Sending you lots of love and hugs your way!! Love you!!


  4. Sending all our love and prayers for you and Tom today and every day. Your family is in our hearts, mind, and prayers constantly. Love your family and miss your sweet girls immensely. Sounds like a good day for a vanilla cake…


    1. Vanilla cake sounds good but then I will be sad and very full. Love you Candi and your family so much. So blessed that our girls are BFFs!


  5. What a beautiful picture! You are in my prayers, always, and I’m giving you and Tom the biggest e-hug ever! Love you both!


  6. We are sending prayers and healing hugs to you and Tom. I’m so sorry you have to bear such pain. I hope Anna and Abby come to you and give you some feelings of peace.


  7. Sending you so so much love Susan. I wish this wasn’t so hard. I wish it wasn’t so deep. I wish we could do more…. Anything that you need, just ask. Seriously, anything at all!


  8. It doesn’t seem possible to comprehend the depth of your feelings of missing them. I miss them for you like crazy and that feeling does not seem to ever go away or lessen. I faithfully pray for God’s comfort and for you to call out when you need something that we could provide. I hope when you feel the grief getting deeper, you will ask for anything you need. We are always willing and glad to help in any way needed, day or night. A meal, a walk, a pot of tea, a bag of groceries, help with household duties, anything…….Whatever you need, just let us know. Prayers going up. Lots of prayers for peace. 911 to Jesus….send your love, comfort and peace today and always.


      1. If you ever want to just get out and take a walk or get a cup of coffee give me a jingle. I’m often at home. 503.954.7725


  9. I think about you today and every day, Susan. Today sounds like an especially sad day. Please know that so many of us are constantly sending you love and prayers. I love this picture of your girls. With the blond hair and beautiful eyes, you’d think they were born to the same mom and dad. I am thankful that these two girls got to be sisters, on earth and in heaven.


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