10 Minutes Away

I couldn’t believe that after so many years we were sitting across from one another chatting as though no time had passed at all. We were so young when she moved away with her family and so much of our lives needed to be caught up on. We went back and forth, asking questions, sharing details and laughing at memories of our childhood.

My trip to California last week was not only about keeping my promise to the girls; I think  God also wanted me to reconnect with my friend Julie, whom I hadn’t seen in over 25 years.

She had sent me an email a couple of weeks ago and I asked if she lived close to Disneyland ~ yes, only 10 minutes away.

As we sat across the table we connected in ways we never did in our care-free youth. For the first hour we caught up on college, relationships, marriages and having our kids. Of course I wanted to know about her older brother, my childhood crush. I still have my diary from that time, his name is written a hundred plus times with lots and lots of hearts.

She told me how her heart grieves for my loss, she has a daughter a year younger than Anna.  She said that she has been praying for Tom and I, I told her that we have definitely been feeling those prayers. I believe that somedays that is how I get out of bed in the morning – the prayers of many lifting me up.

She shared with me about her walk with God and how my circumstances impacted that walk greatly. She said God had been knocking at her door for awhile and on October 20th she heard Him loud and clear.  The next day, unable to go to work, she found herself at a church she had been thinking about going to. She was holding her daughter tightly as she walked through the doors unable to make sense of Anna and Abigail going to Heaven.  The pastors prayed with her ~ God wrapped his loving arms around her and she let Him. I am so happy she let Him.

I am so blessed to have Julie in my life and to have had this opportunity to catch up with her. I can’t wait for many more visits and memories that we will share and I love that our friendship has been renewed by God.

Julie is now, not only my friend, but my sister in Christ.  We will be in eternity together one day, and there she will get to meet my girls.

back in the day

jules and me 2


7 thoughts on “10 Minutes Away

  1. Love the picture. That is how i remember all of you. Reconnecting with old friends is the best. And, who didn’t have a crush on her older brother? I sure did.


  2. I have a feeling this isn’t the first, and wont be the last we hear of others coming to Christ because of your story. What a reunion in heaven when we can see the end result! I love you Susan! I am so happy for Julie too! God is good! Reminds me of the song “Already There” By Casting Crowns.

    From where You’re standing
    Lord, You see a grand design
    That You imagined
    When You breathed me into life
    And all the chaos
    Comes together in Your hands
    Like a masterpiece
    Of Your picture perfect plan
    When I’m lost in the mystery
    To You my future is a memory
    Cause You’re already there
    You’re already there
    Standing at the end of my life
    Waiting on the other side
    And You’re already there
    You’re already there

    One day I’ll stand before You
    And look back on the life I’ve lived
    I can’t wait to enjoy the view
    And see how all the pieces fit


  3. I loved to hear about your reunion. Nothing more comforting than an old friendship. Still hoping for our girls trip.
    Ps – love the picture


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