Comic Heroes

My favorite free online photo editing program is PicMonkey.  I was introduced to it by my friend Brenda and I haven’t looked back since. It has tons of great fonts and lots of ways you can be creative with your photos.

I was working on something this morning and saw that they had a new theme available…Comic Heroes.

I  smiled because I knew I was about to sit for a couple of hours playing with this new theme. The best part…I had the perfect photos to play with.

For Anna’s 5th Birthday I threw her a Lady Bug Girl birthday party. The Lady Bug Girl books were some of her favorites and she really loved dressing up. I made masks, caps, antennas and a wand for all the kids so they could be a lady bug, bee, dragon fly or a butterfly. We had the party at The Flight School Gymnastic Center were we set up an obstacle course for all the kids to “practice” their super bug skills.

It was a lot of fun and the kids seemed to really enjoy dressing up and playing on all the fun equipment.

The best part ~ Anna loved it!

Anna's 5thAnna and RowanLady Bugs Friendsshark attackwhen suddenlysplatwatch outgrace headLady bug girls forever

4 thoughts on “Comic Heroes

  1. I LOVE IT! Going to have to check out that website! That was the best, most creative party. So much love and creativity poured into it. Griffin and Grace still have their capes and masks and talk about that party celebrating Anna!


  2. I remember how much fun the girls had at her party! We still have the capes and play dress up with them. If our cat is really lucky, he gets to wear the cape too. XO


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