Happiness Journal

I’ve decided that I want to be more intentional about posting in my Happiness Journal. I’m going to carry on Anna’s tradition every Friday by sharing what has made me happy the past week. As I sit and reflect each week on our love drenched life I want to make sure that I am remembering the little things that have brought a smile to my face. I found that through my grief sometimes those little things are what bring me back to the surface when I’m full of sorrow.

We lived a happy life and I have hope that happiness will continue.

Anna and Abigail taught us well.

lady bug girl

It’s story book character day at school so I thought it would be great to dress up like Lady Bug Girl, one of Anna’s favorite story book characters. When she turned 5 years old her birthday theme was Lady Bug Girl so she had this really cute costume. Wonder what she’s thinking today in Heaven as her Mama pulled it out of the dress up clothes and put it on.

Makes me happy to tell the kids that my costume is actually Anna’s.

She definitely looked more the part than I do.

anna lady bug girl 20151030_080026

4 thoughts on “Happiness Journal

  1. Love you Lady Bug girl! ❤️ I can imagine Anna’s giggles in heaven! I will never forget watching your Lady Bug girl climb the rope at her party…such a natural!


  2. If I had had a PE teacher like you, Susan, I would have been a much more active child. You inspire every day and you look super cute as a lady bug! 🙂


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