Sweet Nothings

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We sat talking about life for hours.

There was something about him that was different. He had a good heart and I could sense that he was truly a good man.

He talked about his children and how they were his world.

I could tell he was a good dad, the kind that played with his kids for hours, made chocolate chip cookies when he sensed they needed them most (which turns out was once a week)  and would dress up as a gnome to go trick or treating (or just because) without batting an eye.

He made me smile.

He was honest, sharing with me his past and how he got to where he was. There were no secrets.

I knew he was the one I had been waiting for ~ the one we had been waiting for.

I am so glad I was the one he was waiting for.

I had no idea the journey we would find ourselves on within years ~ a sadness no person should ever feel and a longing for our children so deep that it often takes our breath away.

I had no idea that we would both have a intimate relationship with Heaven and that our memories would sometimes bring tears that last for hours.

My love for my husband is not only rooted in our love for our Creator, but also in the circumstances of our lives ~ circumstances we wouldn’t wish on anyone but we, ourselves, have. Our memories, both separate and intertwined, with our children are one of the reasons we choose to move forward and celebrate our family rather than just throwing in the towel because of the pain. The single most important thing we can do to honor our family and honor God is to stay strong in our marriage and to hold each other close ~ always, even when it’s hard.

When I first met Tom I didn’t know where our lives were headed but I knew that we would be headed there together.

I wouldn’t want this life with anyone except him.

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Last weekend we met our dear friend Nikki at Copper Mountain Nature Park to get some maternity photos taken. At first it felt weird not to have the kids involved in some way but then we both realized that these photos were about us, our relationship and our love for one another; we decided that we would just focus on that for the day.

At first he drove me crazy making silly jokes while she directed us while snapping shots, “Whisper sweet nothings into her ear.”

He got close and of course started whispering, “sweet nothings, sweet nothings.”

I laughed and hit him in the chest at the same time, “cut it out.”

We laughed and I hit him again, playfully of course.

The sun was starting to set through the trees and the light was perfect. Our little one was moving around in my belly letting me know she was awake and could hear our laughter and I couldn’t help but think about how beautiful it will be to watch Tom love this little girl.

It felt so right to focus on us, our love and the little soul that was sent to us from above ~ with, I’m sure, a little help from her sisters.

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18 thoughts on “Sweet Nothings

  1. Someone I know just found a “Love Rock” on a beach in Fort Lauderdale Fl. His Mom posted about it. I had no idea what Love Rocks were about so I did some research and now here I am. Tomorrow I am going to make Love Rocks with my 6 year old granddaughter. We will spread some on the beaches of the island we live on. You are a bright light in this world. A light I needed to see today. God Bless You,


    1. Thank you so much Joan for sharing and for continuing to share love and joy!!! ❤ Thank you also for your kind words…they truly mean a lot to my heart. Sending you love and joy.


  2. Dear Susan and a Tom…Your blog is absolutely amazing. Many days it is difficult for me to read and more so for you I’m sure. Other days I can feel the joy within you. This love story you posted today is so touching and the photos along with it are beautiful.Prayers continue for your hearts to be healed and your little angel to fill your hearts and arms. God bless you! ❤


  3. Ok! This brought me to tears. I am so deeply happy for you two and for this sweet little baby girl that gets to join your family. So precious.


  4. This is my favorite post yet. I love everything about it from the pictures to the raw emotion of how you feel about each other. The pictures are amazing! Love ya Dieter 💜💜


  5. A special day for memory making. Can hardly wait for your little one to arrive. Love your family and so blessed to call you friend.


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