Fiercely and Unconditionally

wedding praying

The statistics are not in our favor. Eighty percent of all marriages end in divorce after the death of a child.  We are aware of this fact and we both see how what we have lost can impact our marriage in ways nothing else will. Like everything else though we get to choose which way this will go and whether the circumstance of our lives will strengthen us, or rip us apart.

It is not easy, grief and the reality of our situation makes everything hard. I can be smiling one moment and crying the next. I can be laughing and then in seconds be very angry at something that would never have angered me before. Sometimes I want to be comforted and other times I want to be left alone. I can be very critical  and I know at times I am not easy to live with right now.

Tom is so patient and so loving. He holds me even when I don’t want to be held. He is a wonderful father and he loves Jesus with all of his heart. He prays for me, for us and for our children daily. He feels a pain that I wish I could take away. He loves me.

I can honor Anna and Abigail in many ways; build a park, spread love and joy around the world through Love Rocks, start a non-profit and even create the most beautiful rainbow tree ever.

The one thing that will honor my girls and honor God the most though is to love, fiercely and unconditionally, my husband through this journey of ours. The bond that we have I know will strengthen, because our relationship does not just include the two of us. It also includes God, who brought us together 4 years ago when our paths crossed, and if we allow it He will strengthen us and make us whole again.

One day, we will all be in eternity together ~ this I know without doubt. Until that time I am going to love my husband fiercely and unconditionally for God, for us and for our girls in Heaven.

Today is our 3rd Anniversary and I am so blessed to have this man by my side through this journey called life.

I love you Tom Robinson!
tom and me


27 thoughts on “Fiercely and Unconditionally

  1. I have read these statistics too and I always wonder about how they get them. We know several couples who have suffered through the loss of a child together. They’re all still married. It is a choice and I totally believe that you will be a rock for each other because you’ve built your house on the rock of Christ. I believe in love and it can carry you through together.


  2. Congrats to the great love you both have! It is the love and fight you both have to make a tragic situation into a great life. You share love and heal. I know this and know that it’s about healing each other and supporting each other. Our situations are different but with a relationship stance it’s all the same. A life altering moment can change everything if you let it. You inspire me. Also thank you for sharing your love where I work. The residents loved it!


  3. You both were meant to be together…and your girls are so blessed to have you. They know you will continue to love each other, it is meant to be.
    Kelly and her husband were also married on this day!!
    With many more to come, full of love.


  4. Susan you and your faith are strong and fierce. Nothing is out there that you cannot get through. It’s days like today that make you miss your girls even more but it also days like today that make you and Tom one step closer to seeing them again. Love each other until the day that happens, then you can all be together again.
    Happy anniversary to you both. Tom has to know what a wonderful, talented and beautiful person he married. May the odds be ever in your favor.


  5. Happy anniversary! What a beautiful gift of love that you give to one another. May god bless you both always!


  6. Happy Anniversary. Praying for you two today. I pray the Lord blesses every part of your marriage. You two will make it through this, with your constant dependence on the Lord. Keep loving each other well. I agree, I dont think anything honors your sweet angels more. Love you both!


  7. Happy Anniversary! You two will be perfectly fine. My Aunt and Uncle lost their son….and just celebrated their 29th Anniversary 🙂


  8. Susan, thank you for your beautiful tribute to your husband, Tom. I always considered Tom to be one of the most amazing father’s. He is blessed to have you as his wife. May the Lord continue to vmbe the center of your love, marriage and life. You will make it…your hearts will ache less as time passes. You will never quite be whole again, the loss you both suffered is too great! But God can and will fill those holes with His love, peace and mercy! That is the Good News. He fills what we need, and lack, when we need it! We only but need ask! Much love to you and Tom on your special day.
    Julie Morse


  9. Happy anniversary guys!!! You are so right you can choose which way your marriage will go, I have no doubt that the Lord will make you stronger as a couple. Love bears all things,believes all things,hopes all things,endures all things. You both have endured the worst thing possible as husband and wife and parents,& your love for each other and the Lord will keep you together! I love you both and am honored to call you my friends.


  10. Susan, I cant help but cry when reading this. Its so easy to get caught up in wedding planning and engagement that you forget the important things. I hope that my love for Jason continues to grow into the love that you have for Tom, fierce and unconditional. I have learned so much from you, Susan. Thank you.. and Happy Anniversary!


  11. Susan,
    So beautifully said that the best way to honor God is to love God and Tom unconditionally. Something else I have learned from you. May you and Tom find some special time today. God Bless you on your anniversary and every day. Love you❤️❤️


  12. You will make it, both of you together will make it through. Just that you know the challenges, the odds already gives you an advantage. The true advantage however is having God be the bind that holds you two together. Happy Anniversary and I know there will be so very many more.


  13. Susan,

    I believe wholeheartedly that the two of you will conquer those odds and God will help give you strength. Beautiful, touching, and as always deeply powerful post. Happy anniversary.


  14. Your post today touched me so !
    You are so wise, so brave … Fiercely and unconditionally! These words resonate in my soul and revitalize me, inspire me, empower me. As I reflect on times I’ve conquered and prevailed my own life hurdles I can say God, and living fiercely and unconditionally were at the root! Keep pressing on, my friend! You’ve got this!


  15. Susan –
    What an amazing post this morning. You and Tom are an inspiration to so many. I’m so glad you found each other and have each other through all that you are going through. Happy Anniversary to you both!


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