He Shall Sustain Thee

It was a month or so after the girls went to Heaven and I needed to go for a walk, alone. We were trying to make some sort of sense of our lives and I was having a really hard time understanding. I was frustrated, angry, sad and missing my children.

That is when I heard her, clear as if she was standing right next to me.

“Susan, please take care of my dad.”


This morning has been very emotional as I’ve spent it reflecting on the reason we decided to go to Kenya. Tom and I need to connect, we need an event for us that is not the current event of our lives.

I love my husband more today than I ever have, for months after the girls went to Heaven; I was afraid I would never be able to say that. I was not home the night the girls departed and my worst fear when being away from them became a reality.

The perfect storm happened in front of my house with no warning to anyone involved.

As He can only do, God has spoken to my heart and has released me back into the arms of my husband.

As we prepare for this trip together I’m completely focusing on doing God’s work side by side with Tom, without distraction and with every ounce of my being. I know that God has a plan for us in Kenya and I know that he has a plan for our marriage. I am completely surrendering to His plan for our lives and believe in His promise.

“Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.” ~ Psalm 55:22


“Abigail, I promise to always take care of your dad, with all of my heart and soul.

Tom and I praying

“Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”- Mark 10:9

I am thankful every day that God has joined Tom and I together ~ even, when he forgets to take out the trash.

8 thoughts on “He Shall Sustain Thee

  1. Safari njema, Susan and Tom! (Have a good trip!)

    I lived in Tanzania for two years as a volunteer, which is next to Kenya. If you would like any tips about visiting East Africa, please feel free to email me. I still have many friends in the region. It is a special place: beautiful, colorful, welcoming, challenging, poor, rich, generous, polluted, awe-inspiring. Better bring a huge bag of love rocks with you. 🙂


  2. I love that you love him even when he forgets to take out the trash! 🙂 There are days that so small a matter really does feel as big as an ocean because it’s that last proverbial straw on the camel’s back. Thank you for loving him even when he forgets something; for saying it. It made me laugh and smile and nod.

    As to going to Kenya, I am so excited for you both and know you will take care of each other as well as the children you’ll be serving for the Lord–there and always.

    Love you, Susan!


  3. I am here from Lyly Dunbar’s Thought Provoking Thursday. When I heard about your girls death in the news, I had no idea I would ever be able to tell you how sorry I am for your loss. I’m so grateful that your babies have a loving mama who loves Jesus. Thank God for eternal life, though our hearts long, miss, and grieve for those who’ve gone before us. I can’t imaging the depth of your pain, and yet God’s love shines through you. Much love and I pray for God’s blessing and healing presence to be with you on your trip.


  4. You are on the narrow path….He didn’t say it would be easy, but He did promise He would never leave you….and He will bless you for your faithfulness ♥


  5. Sweet surrender!
    It is difficult for some to think of placing their lives, giving all control, to a God Whom you haven’t learned to trust. AND then He shows us how and why and when, and we fall in His arms, trusting He’ll catch us and carry us. You’re His favorite Susan. 🙂 Thanks for being a good example of how to fall.


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