Back to Kenya

Kennedy just left to go back home and my heart is heavy. I loved having him here.

I know that the kids need him back in Kijabe and I’m sure they are excited for him to come home. They are so blessed to have him.

We are blessed to call him our friend.

kennedylinus kennedy

Down by the river where the green grass grows…

Today I wish I was playing jump rope and teaching lessons to these children at Kiambogo Primary School in Kijabe, Kenya.

africa 4Africa 1africa 2

I put my application in with Forward Edge Ministries to go back to Kenya next Fall ~ now I pray and let God nudge me in the direction he wants me to go.

I sure hope it’s back to this school yard with these kiddos!

africa 5

Class 8 at Kiambogo Primary School


We arrived and within minutes most of our team had axes and were intrenched in removing the concrete floor from the classroom. The plan was to remove the old flooring, to pour concrete and then lay tile. We were there to assist a group of local men ~ we were there to connect and bless this little school in Kijabe.


While most of the team were busy tending to the job at hand a few of us were drawn elsewhere. I couldn’t help it ~ I couldn’t resist their smiles, laughter and beautiful nature. It was break and they were playing outside ~ all very curious of the visitors.

drawn elsewhere

I asked their names and they started writing them on my hand ~ Grace, Nancy, Mercy, Susan.  Such beautiful girls, all the same age as Abigail.

hand names

As the week progressed so did the classroom renovation and our connection with the kids. We became friends with the local workers, fine tuned our jump roping skills and shared an experience that will forever be close to my heart.

workjump roping

On Friday, we were blessed to be given the opportunity to share Love Rocks with the students. After sharing the Love Rock story and the love and joy of Anna and Abigail, we passed out small pieces of the concrete floor from class 8 and watched as they, all while asking questions about Anna and Abigail, made Love Rocks. At one point I was very overcome with emotion. I couldn’t believe I was in Africa sharing the Love and Joy of my girls.

love rocks k

The students really connected with the project and we decided that we would share the Love Rocks with their local church that Sunday. It was a perfect way to celebrate the local school, the work that was being done and to share the love and joy of my girls with this beautiful village.

church love rocks

I feel there were so many blessings that came from our time at Kiambogo. We went thinking we were going to be blessing them, we left being the ones that were blessed.

tile floor



t love rock 5

We walked down a short path and were greeted by her son, her care-giver and keeper of her land. He smiled and welcomed us to their homestead. I’m sure for both of them it was a bit overwhelming to have so many visitors at once.

She was sitting in front of the door of her home, a 10 x 10 brick structure with a tin roof and dirt floor. She wore a beautiful head scarf and was bundled up with layers of sweaters and beautiful fabrics that I’m sure were either sewn by her or for her. She heard us coming, but due to her visual impairment she did not see us.

I wondered what she was thinking as she heard so many people approaching her place of residence?

She was grateful for the gifts that we brought and was forthcoming on her prayer needs. Her prayer was for something I take for granted every day of my life, I immediately started praying. It’s hard for me to understand how some don’t even have their basic needs met while others, like myself, have more than enough. I continued to pray.

I knelt down, placed a Love Rock in the palm of her hand and held her hands in mine. A member of our group translated for me as I shared about the token of love I was giving her. We both held each others hands tightly, I whispered, “love and joy.”

She was grateful and I was humbled.

I stood up, closed my eyes and thanked God for the gift of this encounter, for teaching me once again the strength that comes from love and allowing me to pray for this beautiful woman.

T Love Rock

Fatih is trusting Photo by: Jaquie George



In Love

He sat at the end of the bed with tears streaming down his face, “I miss our girls.”

“Me too.”

I was in charge of greeting everyone that came to the medical clinic. I stood, in the hot sun, most of the day connecting with the people of Kijabe and loved every minute of it. They were all so kind and thankful for what our team and the local doctors and volunteers were doing for their community.

It was a very humbling experience to sit and talk with people about what their basic needs – they included many things I took for granted daily.

Tom was in the prayer tent, each person who attended the clinic went to this space to have someone pray for their specific needs. We planned on taking these prayers home with us and would continue to pray for the beautiful people of Kijabe – sometimes that is all one can do.

He had just come out of the tent, was standing about 20 ft away talking with another team member and a local woman.

My heart started to race as our eyes connected.

I smiled and realized that the racing of my heart was due to the fact that I was madly in love with my husband. I was so proud of him and could outwardly see his love for the Lord. He is such a gentle soul and has so much to give to so many. He is a wonderful father and loving husband and I am so blessed and grateful to be walking this journey of life with him.

My heart is still racing!

Tom in Kijabe

We walked into the kitchen and pulled out some Kenya coffee beans. “I’m so glad you pushed us to go on an adventure for God instead of going to Fiji,” I said with a smile. “I love you more today than I ever have and I’m so glad that we are in this life together with God to guide us.”

“Me too,” he responded with a heartwarming smile.

We went on this adventure to serve God in hopes that he would draw us closer to Him which would in turn draw us closer together. He is so faithful and has done exactly that in our lives.

I am so in love and I know my girls are smiling in Heaven!!!



Thank you all so much for your prayers and encouragement over the past two weeks. God has done amazing things in our lives and I can’t wait to share.