t love rock 5

We walked down a short path and were greeted by her son, her care-giver and keeper of her land. He smiled and welcomed us to their homestead. I’m sure for both of them it was a bit overwhelming to have so many visitors at once.

She was sitting in front of the door of her home, a 10 x 10 brick structure with a tin roof and dirt floor. She wore a beautiful head scarf and was bundled up with layers of sweaters and beautiful fabrics that I’m sure were either sewn by her or for her. She heard us coming, but due to her visual impairment she did not see us.

I wondered what she was thinking as she heard so many people approaching her place of residence?

She was grateful for the gifts that we brought and was forthcoming on her prayer needs. Her prayer was for something I take for granted every day of my life, I immediately started praying. It’s hard for me to understand how some don’t even have their basic needs met while others, like myself, have more than enough. I continued to pray.

I knelt down, placed a Love Rock in the palm of her hand and held her hands in mine. A member of our group translated for me as I shared about the token of love I was giving her. We both held each others hands tightly, I whispered, “love and joy.”

She was grateful and I was humbled.

I stood up, closed my eyes and thanked God for the gift of this encounter, for teaching me once again the strength that comes from love and allowing me to pray for this beautiful woman.

T Love Rock
Fatih is trusting Photo by: Jaquie George



3 thoughts on “Faith

  1. Amazingly beautiful Susan. No words can describe the pride and overwhelming sense of peace I have knowing that your faith in God and your devotion to spreading Love and joy in honor of Anna and Abigail are guiding you and Tom on this journey. Love you so much.


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