Holding Me in His Hands

morning reading

I find that when life is busy it tends to be the one thing I can easily push aside.

I make excuses that I need to get ready for my day, or check my messages, and then I’m out the door trying to manage my new life. Sometime I forget that it is only through Him that I get out of bed every morning and move through my day. I am ashamed that this is the case.

Life is busy, challenging and sometimes completely overwhelming but, through all that, my relationship with God is the one thing I should not put aside.

This morning while I was getting ready and thinking about my day I heard Him whisper, “spend time with me.”

I closed my eyes and envisioned my girls holding His hands, looking up at their Creator, and nodding their heads agreeing with what He is wanting me to do.

The peace that I feel, the assurance I receive every second of every day that my girls are in Heaven and the unbelievable joy that I have felt through my sorrow is only through Him.

I can look back over my life and see very clearly how He has been by my side and how He has loved me unconditional.

As I sat with my bible and read through all of Philippians it was very clear that He wanted to tell me something this morning.

I am honored to listen, blessed that He loves me so much and grateful that he is holding me in his hands.


4 thoughts on “Holding Me in His Hands

  1. Thank you for the reminder to stop, listen and obey. I have been so busy, that I too forget to take that time. All things are possible through God. Love you!


  2. He is so proud of you! I know you have the best cheerleaders in heaven and here on earth. You both inspire us to be better everyday.


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