Happiness Journal

I’ve decided that I want to be more intentional about posting in my Happiness Journal.  I’m going to carry on Anna’s tradition every Friday by sharing what has made me happy the past week. As I sit and reflect each week on our love drenched life I want to make sure that I am remembering the little things that have brought a smile to my face. I found that through my grief sometimes those little things are what bring me back to the surface when I’m full of sorrow.

We lived a happy life and I have hope that happiness will continue.

Anna and Abigail taught us well.

2nd heaven day candles

On Tuesday night, Anna and Abigail’s Heaven Day, our community was lit up by luminaries. Neighbors, friends and even people we don’t know personally lit two candles on their porch in honor of Anna and Abigail. As Tom and I walked around the neighborhood and saw the love and support that our community was demonstrating by this gesture we couldn’t help but feel love. When we got home I looked at Facebook, where so many people had posted that they were doing the same, all across the country, in honor of our girls. The light that I know my girls saw from Heaven brought so much happiness to my heart.

Thank you ❤

8 thoughts on “Happiness Journal

  1. I read this post a few days ago and have thought about you and your girls many times since. My best friends boy passed away a few weeks after you lost your daughters and I cannot imagine your grief.
    What you are doing in your girls memory is wonderful and inspirational. I hope you don’t mind but I featured your blog and linked to your love rocks in a post I did called ‘Freshly Impressed’.
    I wanted to spread your idea to Ireland.


    1. I don’t mind at all…thank you for sharing. Maybe we will see some Love Rocks in Ireland ❤ Sending you love and prayers as you approach your friend son's Heaven Day.

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  2. This is absolutely beautiful. Even more powerfully evident, is joy. Amidst happiness you felt the joy, meaning in spite of hurt and pain, you knew God’s love in a tangible and beautiful way.
    I love this post, as I will be celebrating my beloved husbands heaven day in a few weeks. I gives me hope that in deep loss, I too will see joy. Thank you for being vulnerable and open.


    1. I often feel that the joy we feel now is God just giving us a glimpse of what our girls feel in Heaven…keeping that thought close opens my heart to so much. Sending you love and prayers as your husband’s Heaven Day approaches…sometimes the anticipation of the dates on the calendar are harder than the actual day. ❤

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      1. Thank you for taking the time to send me a message. How precious are the gifts that words usher in. And… yours were certainly a timely gift. Bless you as you take one step at a time, through the ups and downs of grieving. Psalm 62


  3. What a beautiful community you live it, Susan. I am so thankful that your community (which stretches across the country and to other continents) is sending you and Tom so much love and support. How Anna and Abby must have loved those lights!


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