Happiness Journal

This past year I have spent little time in our kitchen because it hurts my heart. Tom has been so amazing picking up the slack and making meals for us both. Being in the kitchen hurts my heart because that is one of the things I loved to do for my girls…make them food. When I’m in the kitchen, I am reminded every second that Anna is not coming to “Mama’s Cafe” and Abigail isn’t going to beg for me not to include onions, cooked carrots or mushrooms in our meal. The thought of not hearing my girls excitement over homemade mac and cheese or chicken nuggets makes me very sad.

After a year of not wanting to cook I decided that Thanksgiving dinner may be a good time to make a debut. I picked out paleo recipes (hoping it may jump start our paleo lifestyle again ~ fingers crossed) and actually spent some time in the past weeks trying the recipes to make sure there were no surprises.

I waited to hear their whispers ~ wanting desperately to know they were in the kitchen with me. It had been a rough start and my heart was hurting really bad. I opened up the cupboard where we keep our oils and I noticed it for the first time ever- right next to what I was grabbing was a rainbow.

rainbow in the cupboard

We spent our Thanksgiving with our two oldest children and friends  ~ we are so blessed with amazing friends who come to our home with open hearts and are open to whatever our first meal was going to turn into.

There were smiles, laughter, stories and two candles lit ~ one on the kids table for Anna and one on the adult table for Abigail (she is almost thirteen and would have totally resisted being called a child).

God blesses us every second of every day and for this I am happy.

3 thoughts on “Happiness Journal

  1. That is an awesome way to ease yourself back into the kitchen and I am sure your thanksgiving meal was delicious! I hope you and Tom had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with lots of love, joy and family.
    Love you ❤


  2. I admire your courage for stepping in the kitchen and pushing through your heartache and making a Thanksgiving dinner! Every obstacle you face your girls will always be right with you cheering you on! Always thinking of Tom and you! Luv u!!


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