Max Train Adventure

It was the first day of summer break and we wanted to go on an adventure. Tom was working but the girls insisted that we needed to include him.

“How about we head downtown on the Max and meet him for lunch?”

You would have thought I suggested we take the next flight to Disneyland…they were so excited.

We drove to the Zoo and took the elevator down to the tunnel. Abigail was begging me to get my camera out and take photos. They were holding hands, climbing everything and anything and having so much fun together.

“Take a picture of this!” They both jumped off the small pillars.

We were all so excited to be off school.

Tom met us at the Subway by Providence Park ~  he was excited that we chose to visit him on our first day of freedom; I was excited that we were all going to spend our lunch together and the girls were excited to climb all over the giant face, that sits in front of the stadium, and pretend to come out of it’s nose.

It is the simple moments that I miss ~ taking out my camera and capturing their lives, their laughter and their innocence.

Sometimes when I’m looking through my photos, I close my eyes and try to relive the entire experience. I try to remember all of the details ~ details that at the time I may not have noticed.

I try always to be grateful for the time I had with my girls ~ to be grateful for the details. I hope there is never a moment in my life where their memories become foggy because it’s in these moments that I experience the most joy.

Remembering our time together brings me so much joy.

I wish we had more time.

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5 thoughts on “Max Train Adventure

  1. The Zoo Max stop is one of my favorites. I will even take guests there for the elevator ride, timeline, listening to the whoosh when trains are coming and walking the general area, including the real train. Memories are precious. Thanks for sharing yours. Sending you blessings of peace and gratitude.


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