Happiness Journal


There is so much to say….I am so grateful.

Last night I volunteered with Jess and Deb, two amazing friends, at the Dare to Be concert at Crossroads Church in Vancouver, WA. I sat and worshiped with a room full of women and felt the love of Christ with every note that was sung by Natalie Grant and with a beautiful message from Charlotte Gambill. At the end of the show they honored a woman that they feel has shown incredible faith through unimaginable circumstances…that woman was me. I had no idea it was going to happen.

God has shown me so much love and so much grace. He has held me, just as He promises He will, through a beautiful life before Anna and Abigail entered Heaven and is continuing to do so through the heartache of their absence.

Last night they asked for people to donate to the Anna and Abby’s Yard Fund and over $6,000 was raised. I am in awe and completely overwhelmed by the kindness of so many women I don’t even know.

Completely overwhelmed ~ I’ve been in tears all morning.

I trust God, I lean in and He holds me, He lifts me up when I am on my knees and when I feel I cannot stand and He protects me when I am in the depths of my sorrow. He is caring for my children until we are together again ~ Anna and Abby are in His presence. He is holding all of us.

God is Love and last night this Love was shining bright in a room full of beautiful woman and for that I am happy and so grateful.

This is my favorite song by Natalie Grant ~ it speaks to every part of my soul.

15 thoughts on “Happiness Journal

  1. I’m home sick tonight and am just getting caught up. THIS IS AWESOME!!! I am so in awe over and over with how God works. You are such a gem my dear. xoxo


  2. It was such an honor and a blessing to share the evening with you! Your love, joy and faith are changing people. I know my life has been Blessed by you. I value our friendship.
    Love you friend!!


  3. Wow, Susan. That was wonderful. Amazing support and such a gift towards your playground dream. I’m so happy you are feeling so much love, comfort, and strength in your heart.


  4. This is my favorite Natalie Grant song as well… and it was what began playing in my mind shortly after your girls went to heaven. God is so good and loves you so much I am so so so happy you got honored the other night. I love how creative the Lord has been in taking care of your heart. Love you Susan


  5. That is so awesome!!! I am so bummed I missed Dare to Be last night. Once again l am a sobbing mess after listening to one of my favorite songs. A constant reminder that we are always “Held” by Him especially when we feel we can’t take one more step.


  6. If I had asked me I who I would choose for such an honor, you would be the first person I would think of. So awesome!! I can certainly understand why you would feel a little overwhelmed. ❤


  7. So incredibly beautiful! Your girls are so amazingly proud of you! It makes my heart so happy to know that you feel held by them and by all of us.


  8. Your hard work and good works shall never go unrewarded. You inspire us and you will never know how many lives you touch every day. There were women around you last night who desperately needed to meet you and hear your story and they went away blessed.


  9. What beautiful evening. My heart fills of joy for you. Thank you, Susan for showing us all what grace and love looks like…you have touched so many lives. ❤


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