His Happy Place

linus nose 1

What do you get a dog that has everything? You let him spend time in his favorite room in the house, a place he is usually forbidden to go.

I took Linus up to Anna’s room to take a photo of him and Anna’s favorite stuffed animal…just like I did when we brought him home last March. He was so excited to be in her room, running around and sniffing all of her dolls and stuffed animals. I told him to get up on her bed and he jumped up with such delight and laid down in his usual spot right next to her favorite stuffed dog.

He sat for a few seconds, calmly. I had tears in my eyes.

We did a little dance as I tried to pose him just right ~ treats in one hand, camera in the other, Linus so excited to be in his happy place, stuffed animal in his mouth.

He calmed down, I took some photos and then we both just sat for a bit.

Anna and Abigail would love him so much.

As I stood up to take him back down stairs he refused. Put his head down on the bed in protest.

We stayed for a little while longer on his special day.

He will never fully understand what he has brought to our world, how he brightens our days and how his antics (both delightful and naughty) fill our hearts with such love.

He gets me out of bed in the morning, gets me out of the house for walks, he makes me wrestle on the floor and he brings a smile to my face when I don’t feel like smiling.  Those days when it hurts to bad too enter her room, he changes the focus so it’s all about him and helps me spend time there.

We are blessed to be his people.

Happy Birthday Linus, our healer!

Linus 2 months linus 5Linus bed

7 thoughts on “His Happy Place

  1. Happy Birthday, Linus, who brings laughter and joy and peace (and a bit of action, too, I’m sure!) into the lives of two wonderful people! 🙂


  2. We really must get him and Jack together for a play date. Those two little naughties are peas in a pod! Happy birthday sweet pup!!


    1. He has brought so much love & laughter in his short life. We smile at all his antics, naughty or nice! Keep up the good work Linus. Happy Birthday🎂


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