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Last Wednesday I was given the opportunity, by the 8th grade health teacher at our local middle school, to share with the students about organ donation and to share with them Abigail’s donation story. I teamed up with my dear friend Aimee from Donate Life Northwest and we spent the entire day educating the students about why it’s important to register to be a donor. At the end of Aimee’s presentation I gave the specifics about the lives that Abigail saved, about our experience in the hospital while the transplant team was trying to find her matches and about why it’s important to talk about all of this with their loved ones.

All of those students, in a few years, will be standing at the DMV and will read this question on their driver’s license application ~ Do you want to be an organ or tissue donor?  Yes___  No___

This question is one that most 16 year olds may not fully understand and may not want to think about. My hope, for the kids that are in our community, is that when they are asked that question they will all have a full understanding of what that means and will have hopefully shared their wishes with their loved ones (and vice versa). I hope when they check the box “yes” they think of Abigail.

I am a proud mom and I know that Abigail’s donation didn’t just save lives but will also continue to be a means to educate people in many years to come. I feel blessed to be given the opportunity to talk to her peers and share her beautiful story.

This past week a high school classmate of mine was put on the lung transplant list. He is in Ohio, in the hospital, and is now waiting, in critical condition, for his perfect match. I don’t know how it feels to be on that side, waiting.

What I do know is what it feels like to be faced with a decision in the most difficult of circumstances. I know what it feels like to be in shock from the horror of losing your loved ones and, through that horror, seeing a glimmer of light through what your loved one can give in their final hours.

Tom and I have absolutely no regrets from making the choice to donate Abigail’s organs….we only find joy in that decision.

If you are not a registered donor and would like to become one go to Donate Life America. If you are a registered donor then talk with those around you about your wishes.

I am praying for that family, that in their darkest hour, will make a decision that could potentially save Mark’s life. I am praying for Mark’s family. I am praying for Mark.

I am praying for peace that only God can give that surpasses all understanding.

We have a lot of photos on our refrigerator. The one that stands out most is the one of the little boy who received Abigail’s liver. Everyday it reminds me of how precious this life is, how proud I am of my girls and our beautiful love story.

Please register to be a donor and talk to those around you about your wishes!

If you would like more information about organ and tissue donation you can find it here or you can send me a message and I can answer any questions you may have or direct you on how to find them.

14 thoughts on “Donate Life!

  1. Hi from an old CHS classmate! Thanks for sharing your story and continuing to share and educate everyone. I love your comment above about looking at everything you do as parenting. That is a great philosophy. Much love to you Sue,
    Lori Campbell


    1. I often ask myself why didn’t they ask me about donating my boys organs But Boone asked me and I never thought of it either until it was too late or maybe it was already too late and that’s why they didn’t ask


  2. I am SO glad you did this. It wasn’t until I was in college and I lost a high school classmate to a car accident, did my view on organ donation change. Before that the idea or donating my organs kind of wigged me out because I really didn’t understand it but during his service, as they spoke about it, the sting of losing him was a little less and I thought to myself why wouldn’t I donate. I went home that day and got online to register.


  3. Just today one of those 8th graders pulled my Donate Life bumper sticker magnet off my desk and asked how long I had had it. When I told him eleven years he was thoughtful, he had been in my class all last year as well as this year. He noticed it because of your presentation. The result was a good conversation. Talking to them before they have to make the decision in a few years is giving them time to really think about their choice. Thank you!


    1. This makes my heart happy Jessica. So important you and you know first hand. I loved seeing you while we were at school. Maybe next semester you can come and help us present ; )


  4. How beautiful that you helped so many during your worst time….you are always finding every positive light and that is an inspiration to me!!! I am also praying for Mark as I still do for you every day!!!!


  5. Wonderful way you are living your life, helping others! You are an inspiration for so many! It isn’t an easy life, for sure, but what you do and share is and will help so many❤️💛💜💙💖


    1. Beth, we all have to have purpose. I always thought my role in life would be that as a mom. I am still a mom but know I am mothering in an eternal way. If Abigail’s story saves one more life…that is good. Thank you for your kind comments; )


  6. Susan,
    You have touched so many lives with love and joy and hope – in so many different ways! You are truly an angel here on earth. You continue to amaze and inspire me every single day. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being a beautiful person. Thank you for choosing love and joy. ❤️
    Love you!


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