My Bears


Grief is very isolating.

Somedays it’s not easy to find joy and present myself as “being okay,” in turn making it easy for those around me to be in my presence.

I know it’s not fun being around someone who is sad, brokenhearted and missing her children ~ what do you say, what do you do to help her when you know there is nothing that can be done?

On the unbearable days, when I’m in the hole and not wanting to come out, it’s the people who I know will climb down into the hole with me that bring comfort to my heart. They usually don’t try to fix my unfixable problem but rather provide me with loving support. This support isn’t necessarily their physical presence (I often prefer to be alone), but rather support through prayer, a loving text, a Love Rock on my doorstep, a kind hug and sometimes a phone call with conversation about the weather.

To all of those who have been my bears, thank you!

9 thoughts on “My Bears

  1. Love you, Susan!
    Looking at a glittery love rock sitting at my desk, it’s been there since I started work, gives me peace and helps me to funnel my thoughts when things get stressful and hectic here. Thinking of you ❤


  2. Thank you. It helps us to know what you need sometimes. I feel the need to drop by and see you, but most of the time I feel I’m intruding. I just need to give you a hug and well I don’t think it through..I find myself at your give you a hug.


  3. Isolating.. Yup that is one of the exactly the right words for grief. . I think of you every day Susan and am glad you are sharing your story with us. We love you and your family.


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