Happiness Journal

These things make me happy today…

❤ Thinking about how beautiful Anna and Abigail’s friends danced last night at the Forest Grove Dance Arts recital.

❤ Going to the store today and finding myself in the baby section to leave a Love Rock.

❤ Leaving Love Rocks in the pocket of a hoodie I just know Anna would love.

❤ Thinking about the conversations Anna and Abigail are having in Heaven about their little brother or sister ~ I bet they already know which it is.

❤ Remembering a conversation that Abigail and I had about a name she loved if her dad and I were to ever have a baby.

❤ Knowing that in one week my entire family, Tom’s cousin and my best friend from kindergarden will all be here for the Love Rocks Run.

❤ In one week our community will gather to celebrate the love and joy originated by my girls.

My heart aches, always, but I feel blessed by His Grace and the ability to have happiness.


cousinsabs and is


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