Unicorn and Guardian Angels

Every little girl needs a unicorn and guardian angels to watch over her. Our little Alice is so loved. Alice and Unicorn black and white Mama and girls 1

This past week we have been snuggling, cuddling, loving and cherishing every single moment we have with our youngest daughter ~ she has brought something back to our home that was lost when the girls went to Heaven. It’s hard to explain what it is my heart is feeling ~ it is mixed with so many emotions.  What I can say is that what I’m feeling is filled with hope. It’s as though when I look into her bright newborn eyes I can see the love that has been passed from Heaven to our home ~ the gift of her little soul to our hearts.

19 thoughts on “Unicorn and Guardian Angels

  1. Cutest pictures ever, she is most definitely loved beyond conception. Oh the knowledge that has been passed down from her guardian angles to her, she will feel them watching over forever.


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