Pinterest Win

I would really love to get a photo of Alice and Linus together all cozy and sweet. This week I’ve been looking on Pinterest and I found these images for inspiration.

dog pic
Hanna Mac Photography /
Caroline Ghetes Photography /

Being that Linus will only be two tomorrow and still very much acts like a puppy (a very large puppy) I decided to go with this for now.

Dog and AliceThis doggie was Anna’s favorite and was often pulled around the house on a long leash.

I think the dogs in the above photos look older and a little sedated…don’t you??

I know that there is hope for our Linus and I know that one day when he is old and grey he will lay his head on Alice’s back or she will lay her head on his, they will be the best of friends and love each other!

l man

For now…he can just rest his sweet head on his Love Rock pillow.


5 thoughts on “Pinterest Win

  1. Alice is SO beautiful!!! I’m sure that Anna is thrilled to share her favorite stuffed animal with her! And, yes, those other dogs are much older than Linus! Oh, Linus! 🙂


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