Pumpkins and Wheelbarrows

I used to look at the calendar every October and figure out which weekends were ours and which weekends the kids were away. I would then take the weekends we were all together and look at what was already on the calendar. There was usually one day in one of our weekends that was totally open ~ that day was our pumpkin patch day.

The day before the girls went to Heaven, Oct. 19th, pumpkin patch written in the calendar. The memories from that weekend and that day are still very vivid in my mind and I am so grateful for that.


We have not been back to the pumpkin patch since… until today.


The ache in my heart was constant while we trudged through the mud and showed little Alice what a pumpkin patch looks like. Tom and I shared stories and so many beautiful memories that were triggered while there ~ to be honest, I’m not sure if we would have ever gone back to a pumpkin patch.  Alice loved our stories and was very content and happy until we took her out of the wagon.


We promptly put her back ~  we had all day  ❤





6 thoughts on “Pumpkins and Wheelbarrows

  1. It is so wonderful to see little Alice enjoying the pumpkin 🎃 patch!!!!!!!!!! So sweet to see you and Tom telling stories of Anna and Abby!!!!! ❤️


  2. When I saw the photos of you, Tom and Alice at the pumpkin patch I instantly thought of the photos with Anna & Abby at same place. The giant chair is one of my favorites. And I love Alice in the wheelbarrow! ❤


  3. What fun! Alice is so funny throwing the tantrum! lol Look how she can bend her back!
    Tom must buy her a wheelbarrow to give her rides at home♡ What a beautiful day 🙂


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