Anna’s President

Anna was two years old when President Obama took office. I remember sitting watching the inauguration with her thinking that she would grow up with Obama as her president. I was pleased with this fact because I knew he was good man, good father and was someone who was going to run our country with integrity.  I also was proud to know that with my vote, along with many others in our country, the first African-American president was elected.

I’m sure, like many, I was emotional watching his very first speech that day and found myself chanting, “yes we can” and dancing around the room with Anna. I knew in my heart that positive change was on the horizon for our country and it felt so good.

A couple of months later, after spending a day with her dad, Anna returned home with a new baby under her arm. Her granny had found it for her and Anna was smitten with her new addition. We sat that afternoon talking about her little one and, as I did with all of her dolls, I asked her what her baby’s name was.

She looked at me with proud mama eyes and then shouted, “Baby Obama.”

I smiled, gave little Baby Obama a kiss on the forehead and welcomed him into our family.

Anna and Baby Obama


I have an unsettling feeling in my gut this week. You know, the one you get when something really good is about to end. I’m not going claim that I know everything about politics or that every decision President Obama made while in office was perfect, he wouldn’t even claim that.  What I will say is, as a mother, I am proud that Barack Obama was my daughter’s president, a man who did lead our country with integrity.  This statement holds a lot a weight in my heart because he is the only president she ever knew.

On Friday night I think I may hold onto Baby Obama and his Aunt Alice for a while and daydream about the day Anna and I danced around our family room singing “yes we can.”  So mI will also continue to believe in the power of love and hold onto the hope that President Obama talked so eloquently about last week during his last speech to our nation.

President Obama was not only Anna’s president but he was mine and he and his wife will forever be role models for me as a parent and as an American.

I’m praying for our country and it’s leadership.

9 thoughts on “Anna’s President

  1. I am comforted knowing my granddaughters have had the model of an intelligent, respectful man and wife who work for good in the world and respect our country. I feel an emptiness as I watch them move on and a need to shield them from what I fear may be ahead.


  2. My grandson’s third word after mama and dada was Obama. He watched the inaugural speech. He was 10 months old and as they watched the speech he just started saying it. I have admired and respected our president and his wife in a way I have never respected a president. You’re right about integrity despite some , to me, bad decisions. I believe the Obamas would embrace your story of love and joy and would share your faith in God. The world will be needing love and joy desperately in the coming time.


  3. I so agree with all you said. Baby Obama , what a treasure!!! Thank you for sharing!!!
    Now, like you, I am praying….


  4. I think if we give him a chance, we’ll find that President Trump will do a fine job as well. We are all on America’s team.


  5. Baby Obama!! Love this so much! I am so happy so many of our children got to see this eloquently spoken, educated, rational man be their first president (or the first one they will remember) who treated people with respect and is a great father and husband!!! I will miss this first family so much.


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